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Off-Piste Training/ Cross-country skiing

Half-Day outings

You are already a good skiers, get off the beaten tracks with an instructor 

Depending on demand, we organise half-day outings in small groups with some instructors. They will share with you their favourite spots

For you to have a fun but safe experience, we make sure you are familiar with the safety rules and equipment before going off-piste. 

Horaires et Tarifs
À partir de 27€
Off-Piste 3 hours
Confirmed level
Safety equipment included 
(backpack, shovel, probe, avalanche transceiver) 
Good skiers, aged 15 or over.
3-hour lessons.
Half-day Off-Piste / Cross-country skiingPrice per person
2 people80 €
3 people53 €
4 people40 €
5 people32 €
6 people27 €
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