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Advice for Parents
our advice

  • You are on holiday and so is your child! They will discover many new elements: cold, snow, sun, altitude, effort, gliding and balance ... It is important to give your child time to get used to this new environment.
  • Once your child is taken care of by the instructors, you can watch them from a distance without them seeing you as this can disrupt the smooth running of the lessons, even if the separation is difficult.
  • A bib will be given to the children for the week, keep it and give it to them each day for the lessons and make sure to return it to the instructor at the end of the week.
how shall I equip my child?
Equipment :
  • A warm and waterproof jacket and overalls or ski suit.
  • Mittens instead of gloves with fingers.
  • Hemlet strongly recommended.
  • Wearing a gold sunglass mask (attached with a cord) Anti-UV index 3 minimum
  • Sun cream

Equipment :
  • No poles for levels below 1st star for children (and beginner level for adults).
  • ESF does not provide ski equipment. It is therefore necessary to bring skis and boots.

Snack time :
  • Snack and break included in the Piou-Piou lessons (inform the instructor in case of allergy to any food).
  • There is no snack break for the other levels but you can bring a small cake in your child's pocket if necessary.

lift passes
  • The ski school does not provide the ski pass (except all-inclusive snowflake pack).
  • Children in Piou-Piou lessons do not need a ski pass.
  • Ourson and adult beginner's pass are not required on the first day, the instructor will ask you the day before for the following day depending on your progress.
  • From Flocon level, children must be in possession of a valid lift pass.